Superpower Workshop


What’s your superpower?

Each of us has superpowers that affect how we lead, teach, and show up in the world. We’re born with them, and even if all the lessons we learned in life were wiped away, our superpowers would be still be part of us, and we tend to use it so naturally that we don’t even know we have it.

The focus of this one day workshop is to identify our most dominant superpowers and gain an understanding of how to best leverage them in the workplace, home, and community. When we are connected to our superpowers we are naturally more instinctive and authentic and have a better capacity to build relationships, be effective, and create intentional impact.

This workshop is offered as a stand alone or part of a more intensive leadership development program. Oh, and did I mention that it’s is highly experiential and SUPER FUN?!?

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At first I thought these were your typical leadership activities. Then as the day progressed I had so much fun discovering my superpower, as well as understanding different powers. I had no idea I was showing up this way. The superpower workshop changed my perspective by having a new appreciation for everyone’s power in a fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it!
— J.B., Manager, Instructional Design
The Superpower Workshop was even better than I could have imagined. Not only did we get to dig in to our “powers,” but it was an incredible bonding experience with all involved. The team building was phenomenal, the revelations powerful, and the whole day was hilarious and vulnerable in turn. I didn’t know what I was getting into but I came out of it knowing myself better and having a great experience I will never forget.
— A.B., Anne Arundel Community College
Now that I know my superpower, I have so much more clarity. I have been diminishing my creative work for a really long time. I’ve spent decades admiring other people’s work and believing that I am not an original thinker. To suddenly realize that people find my creativity compelling has set me on fire.
— S.S. PhD, Professor of English
I have spent pretty much my whole life thinking I was an introvert. I’m now thinking that personality trait was a shell protecting me from “getting hurt”. This week I’ve been noticing when I hesitate to make connections or engage and lean into my super power. I’m feeling more energized and excited as to what I can accomplish now that I’m aware of this new information about myself.
— A.S., Web Services Team Leader