Do you want to jump off cliffs with confidence? Then I am your wing man.

I specialize in working with leaders and emerging leaders who want to consciously evolve and make a positive impact. And no matter who you are, if we are a good fit we can get you flying toward your goals.


The right fit

 I do my best work with people who are curious and willing to explore deeply to discover what makes you tick. 

You don’t fit into any mold. You have dreams and are willing to do what it takes. You know you are not achieving all that you can, or that you need to make a change and you need a staunch ally and champion, who will stay with you through whatever comes up and challenge you to fly.

What can you gain from working with me?

• create the best possible relationship with yourself first, and then everyone else in your life

• get clear on your strengths and how to be a powerful leader  

• connect with what compels you to action.

• develop your leadership effectiveness by enhancing your creative competencies and being less reactive

• get real. focus on your dreams, and make them happen

• write the rule book that fits your life and let go of the stories about what you "should" be doing


I've been there. A dream so big it seems impossible. So many hurdles in the way. I'm not smart enough. I have no idea where to start. What skills do I have? How can I possibly do this? 

Sound familiar? Want to SOAR? Check out SOAR for Coaches in Training and SOAR for Leaders

Let's have a conversation...

Sue is brilliant, personable and can custom tailor her work on the spot. You’ll want to partner with her again and again.
— L.A. Reding, M.Ed., MCC, Trainer ACT Leadership and CTI
Sue helps you focus on where you’re going and how to get there. And when you fall down, she’s there to help you refocus and get back in the game. Sue is gifted at helping you get back in the game, even when (especially when) you have no idea where to begin or how you’ll overcome obstacles.
— Susan Y.