Why Be Curious - Part 2

 As promised here is part 2 in a series to sneak a peak at some of what you will find in my new book about Curiosity, which will be available in print and e-book this summer!  I will send out a new teaser each week or two and pretty soon there will be info on how to order. the book. If you are curious and want to be on a list to know right away, contact me.

I'm fully exercising my curiosity this week by exploring a new place I have been curious about for many years, Haida Gwaii BC.  Haida Gwaii (meaning land of the Haida) is an archipelago off the coast of BC and considered to be a magical and sacred place. I arrived last night and just drove to the end of a road where I found a pristine place to camp right by the water. I am super excited to learn about the area and Haida traditions and history.  

Curiosity is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Do you have any idea how many inventions were born out of simple curiosity?  The microwave oven, penicillin, and even the Slinky (TM), one of the most famous toys of my generation are a just a few. Curiosity allows us, perhaps even requires us to be creative, and that leads to innovation.  We would not be experiencing life as we know it if there were not people out there being driven by their curious instincts.  They have no idea whether something is possible.  They make no hard and fast assumptions.  They are open to all possibilities.  They can imagine things that don’t yet exist and then ask the questions that lead to their creation.  It’s not about knowing everything, it’s about acknowledging that we don’t know everything.

Dare to dream:  think of the thing you would most like to invent.  Get curious about what it would take. Ask questions. Do an experiment.  Let your right brain take over.  Share your idea with someone.  Dare each other to see how close you can get.  See what you learn.  See what you create.

Curiosity is more than a buzzword in education and leadership.  It’s a way of being that we all have inside us, and when we let it out it makes life richer and a lot more fun. It also allows us to be more creative and innovative which in today’s world will help us stand out in a crowd.

Stay tuned for more...and have a great day!