If you know me at all, you know that I am a super curious person.  I have a belief that curiosity is the engine that drives all connection, relationships, and innovation. And that if we all show up in a curious way in our lives, we will be happier, and so will those around us. Curiosity moves us.  

Curiosity begins with an awareness that there are things we don’t know. To be truly curious requires one to be open minded, receptive to new ideas and unlimited possibilities.   It is not a complicated idea, and it can begin with something as simple as asking a question and listening to the whole answer, and then asking another question. A cycle is then born.

We cannot be judgmental and curious at the same time. We can choose to look at things and assume what their purpose is, or that they have no purpose. We can unwittingly let opportunities pass us by. We can make judgements about people that may be hurtful and destructive or we can broaden our understanding and expand out horizons of caring. We can be explorers, innovators and change makers. It all begins with curiosity.

I believe in this so strongly that I wrote a book about it, called "That's a Really Good Question".

Get curious. Ask questions. Tune in. Connect. Let’s start a new movement together. Need help? Here's are some tools for you:

I Dream of a Conversation

I dream of a great conversation

in which every person’s hearing is finely tuned

where every voice is clear and unhindered

by the stories of our past

those myths we’ve created along the way that have kept us quiet

until now

I dream of a great conversation

one that melts hearts

and forges foundations

one that brings together all the elements in one breath

for a dance with no defined steps

I dream of a great conversation

one where eyes are locked

where the energy is so strong

it is impossible to pull away

like a windmill creating power as it spins

I dream of a great conversation

where all voices are active and engaged

where discoveries are made

of shared values

where our blood all runs as one

and our hearts beat as one

I dream of a conversation

so delicious that every bite is savoured like an exotic chocolate

I dream of a conversation

so rich that if it were currency we would be billionaires

I dream of a conversation

as fresh as a spring rain that brings up the new growth

after a long winter

I dream of a great conversation

that generates more questions than answers

that grows and evolves like a painting on a canvas

never complete

never ending

always alive.

~ S. Abuelsamid Aug 2015