If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~John Quincy Adams

I love to come into an organization or a room with group of leaders and work together to move everyone forward.  Using curiosity and coaching skills as a platform to develop conscious leadership , we will focus on building resilient relationships, connecting with values and motivation, and developing the communication skills to take you and your team to the next level. We will work through experiential activities, and deepen the learning through powerful debriefs. 

I am certified in Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessments and use this comprehensive tool to help you identify your creative and reactive leadership tendencies and grow to be a more conscious and effective leader. Learn more about SOAR, a program aimed at leaders who want to want to understand and evolve their leadership competencies and effectiveness.

I work within schools as well as small and large organizations to challenge every leader to grow and create stronger  teams. I have worked successfully with the following partners:

Schouten Global (Shell)

GP Strategies (London Life/Great West Life)

The Calgary Public School Board

Anne Arundel Community College


Onondaga Camp

Amici Charity

The Banff Centre


Customized programming is available. To learn more about how we can work together, let’s start a conversation.

“Hi Sue, thank you so much for providing me with so much useful material and feedback. That was the best development course I’ve ever taken, I’ll be applying what I’ve learned throughout the rest of my career.”
— P. Shaw, Shell Canada

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If you would like to partner with me in bringing leadership development to your organization, fill out the form below and I will book a time to meet with you to gain an understanding of your needs and design a program to take you forward.

“Consciousness is the operating system of performance. Performance, individually and collectively, is always consistent with our level of consciousness. We cannot perform at a higher level of performance than is built into our operating system. Likewise, an organization cannot perform at a higher level of performance than the collective consciousness of its leadership.”
— Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams. “Mastering Leadership.”