Wild and Wise - A Retreat for Women

Through the adventure of a wilderness canoe trip, a thoughtfully-designed learning experience, and individual coaching in the woods, Wild and Wise will help you develop your leader within—and experience yourself, and relationships, in fresh and creative ways.  

Time and space to connect to yourself, expand your awareness and consciousness, grow your leadership, and have delicious fun.

In canoes.

With eight amazing women.

Deep in the wilderness in the land of moose, bears, wolves, and bald eagles.

With time to swim and contemplate the stars.

It's an experience like no other.




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Dates for 2019: TBA

Sue is a strong wilderness expert and I felt I learned a lot about being in nature from her. She gave us a lot of food for thought and helped challenge me to think differently. She provided me with the disruptive, mischievous energy I needed to look into dark corners.
The Wild and Wise Leadership trip was exactly what I needed. It gave me the chance to completely unplug from the loud and demanding external messages and tune in to my inner leader. I left with a greater appreciation for my gifts and armed with concrete tools. I’ve only been back from the woods a week and have already put into practice several of the concepts I learned. I would heartily recommend this experience and plan to head back into the wilderness with Karen and Sue in the future.